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Service of Environmental Safety Division

Internal business of Environmental Safety Division

Energy Conservation Promotion Team

Composition of the Energy Conservation Promotion Team 

In accordance with the National Taipei University of Education's guidelines for the establishment of the Energy Conservation Promotion Team, the university's Energy Conservation Promotion Team is composed of one convener and several members. It also includes an executive secretary (Energy Management Officer) responsible for promoting energy-saving affairs. 

(1) The convener is concurrently held by the Vice President. 

(2) Members include the Chief Secretary, Academic Affairs Director, Student Affairs Director, General Affairs Director, Research and Development Office Director, Deans of the College of Education, College of Humanities and Arts, College of Science, Continuing Education Division Director, Director of the Teaching Development Center, Human Resources Office Director, Chief Accountant, heads of administrative divisions, heads of maintenance divisions, heads of environmental safety divisions, one faculty member recommended by each college, two student representatives from the Student Association, and several external professionals.

(3) The executive secretary is held by the head of the environmental safety division. 

According to the approval on April 5, 2022 (Document Number: 1110140142) by the President, Senior Secretary of the General Affairs Office and the Special Committee Members of the Student Affairs Office are invited to attend the meeting to provide their opinions. 

Document of Energy Data

  • Annual electricity consumption data and cafeteria electricity usage at the university (click here)
  • Annual water consumption data at the university (click here)
  • Annual amount of recycling at the university (click here)